“We like very much connect to the main players in the Catalan Mental Health”

“We like very much connect to the main players in the Catalan Mental Health”

Entrevistem a Hans Super, co-founder de Braingaze, soci del Clúster Salut Mental Catalunya.

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Maria Jose Martin | 11 diciembre, 2017


Broadly speaking, what is Braingaze and what technology does it offer?

Braingaze is a spin-off from the University of Barcelona/ICREA and was founded in 2013 by Dr. Hans Supèr (PhD in Neurobiology and Research Professor) and Laszlo Bax (serial entrepreneur in innovation). Braingaze develops next-generation Mind Tracking Solutions that predict and identify personal behaviour for clinical and commercial applications based on an eye-movement biomarker discovered by Dr. Supèr and patented in 44 countries worldwide. 

What’s the Braingaze method?

The Braingaze method is based on the predictive power of very small “cognitive vergence” eye movements (the involuntary movement of both eyes in opposite directions). These small eye movements are measured by commercial eye-tracking while one performs an application specific test (for example ADHD, Alzheimer, or Dyslexia). These tests “play” like a short video game (a test last 10-15 minutes).

The eye tracking can predict Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder and what other diseases?

Braingaze currently markets and sells BGaze tests as a support tool for child and adult ADHD diagnosis (the biomarker has been clinically validated for children between 7 to 14 years of age and adults; has an accuracy around 90%; is CE marked as a class I medical device). Moreover, BGaze CPT and Dyslexia have been clinically validates as a diagnostic support tool. Braingaze is also developing and validating tests in related and other cognitive disorders like Autism and Alzheimer.

Bgaze method can help to predice consumer preference’s.  How it does work exactly?

Besides clinical application,BGaze method is used for Consumer Insights or Neuromarketing. Gaze positions tell where people are looking at but does not tell whether they pay attention to what they are looking at. Braingaze method allows to detect the gaze location and visual information that is attended by the viewer. Our BGaze is used to optimize the design and content of advertisments, videos, news feeds, ect.

Why are you going to decide to form part of Clúster Salut Mental Catalunya?

Braingaze is offers innovative technlogy for diagnstics and treatment for the area of Mental Health. We like very much connect to the main players in the Catalan Mental Health.

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