The Collider 2021: Call for Technologies

4 marzo, 2021 - 7 marzo, 2021
The Collider 2021: Call for Technologies
Clúster Salut Mental Catalunya

The Collider, an innovation programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, bridges the gap between science and market to create disruptive technology-based startups. To make it possible, the programme fosters entrepreneurial attitude in universities and uses the researcher – entrepreneur formula
to create new high-value companies.
The programme is designed for PhDs, Postdocs, Master’s students or researchers who are involved into university research group or research centre and want to make a positive impact on society with their research.

The Collider Award

The Collider selects the 15 best projects solving industry challenges and invites them to take part in the programme.
Sectorial Challenges 2021:
Health, Indutry 4.0, Energy, Mobility, Agri-Food

The programme focuses on the technologies’ maturity stage, meaning that they reward the projects that are developed enough to start piloting and testing. Entering to The Collider helps universities and research institutions apply and test their scientific know-how in real life.

Apart from entering the programme, each scientific project also receives €2000 financial help from the Ministry of Business and Knowledge of Catalan Government to cover transportation, subsistence allowance, accommodation or any other expenses occurred as a result of participating in The Collider.


The call will close on 7 March 2021.

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