Brain Innovation Days

26 enero, 2021
12:30 pm
Brain Innovation Days
Clúster Salut Mental Catalunya

Under the overarching theme, “Disrupt and rewire: How brain innovation is changing Europe”, the Brain Innovation Days aim to bring together key opinion leaders and stakeholders from the ever-growing brain innovation ecosystem to create synergies and showcase the importance of brain innovation and how, one innovation at a time, it is changing Europe and the world.

Why Brain Innovation
Brain disorders are on the rise: 1 in 3 Europeans will live with a brain disorder at some stage in their life. In parallel, brain science and innovative solutions for treatment are booming. However, the question remains: what is currently working for patients and their quality of life? We still have a way to go and the accelerating brain innovation revolution needs to be tackled in a collaborative manner. This is what the Brain Innovation Days stand for.

Themes and Topics
The Brain Innovation Days enter one full year of brain innovation activities: exploring how the actors involved are finding new ways to work together, what exists and can still be done to support this cooperation, what breakthroughs can lead us to better brain health and how brain innovation is changing the world as we know it.

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